What Is The Process Of Setting Up Roadrunner Email On Nokia 8?

Nokia returned to the smartphone market with some genius smartphones roadrunner email login tampa bay after a major break several years ago. The reason Nokia left the market was due to its failure to put about changes introduced into their products by other smartphone manufacturers. Nokia chose to collaborate with Microsoft and use Windows as the smartphone operating system, which was a move that led to the company’s debacle. However, Nokia soon realized their mistake and then joined Android. Now, half a dozen Nokia smartphones are on the market, with Nokia 8 as their most popular phone. Today, we’ll discuss the steps to set up roadrunner email on Nokia 8, So if you’re using this specific smartphone and want your RR email to be enabled, then read on.

The setup process is pretty straightforward but requires a few steps, which you will have to follow exactly the same way you read them in this article. Make sure you have a valid and working Roadrunner email account, username and password that should be with you. You must also have a working internet connection because you will not be able to set up your RR email without the internet. If all these things are yours, then you can start the setup process.
1.Open the email app installed on your Nokia 8 (the one I mean by default). You’ll need to pick the Roadrunner email within the app. Select ‘ Next’ once found.
2.Tap’ Done’ after selecting RR email.
3.Choose’ Add an Email Address ‘ option, then select’ Other’ option.
4.Type the email address of your RR and click’ Next.’
5.Your email can be set up via POP3 or IMAP.
6.Then enter your password and hit’ Next’ after that.
7.Type the’ Username’ and’ password to the incoming server.’ Click ‘ Next’ after entering all the information.
8.Hit’ continue’ then scroll down to locate the’ Security Type’ option.
9.Select’ None’ and hit’ Next’ afterwards.
10.Enter’ Outgoing address of the email server.’
11.Switch off the’ Require Sign-in’ option and pick’ next’ after turning it off.
12.Follow’ Safety Form’ to pick’ Edit Settings.’
13.In the protection form, pick’ None’ and then tap’ Next.’
14.Give your RR email account a name followed by entering your name when you receive emails that you want your contacts to see. Then choose’ next.’
15.Choose the option’ Take me to RR email account.’
This has configured your Roadrunner email account and you can now use it on your Nokia 8 smartphone. wisconsin roadrunner email login sign up page Should you experience any problems during or after the setup process, you can contact Roadrunner email login assistance and service providers.
Choose the option’ Take me to RR email account.’

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